1414 Para Aramid Yarn

Para-aramid is the full name of polyparaphenylene para-phenylenediamine fiber, commonly known as aramid 1414. It has high temperature resistance, flame retardant, limit oxygen index >28%, no decomposition at 500 ℃.

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Anti-ballistic Fabric, Cut resistance glove


Specification of 1414 Para Aramid Yarn

para-aramid fiber

Para-Aramid Fiber 1414 is one of the worlds largest and most widely used high-performance fibers

1414 para aramid fiber
Model / Denier: 1000D1500DTwisted Z 1000DTwisted Z 1500D
Linear density:1100dtex1670dtex1100dtex1670dtex
Filaments:667F1000FZ 120+/-10TPMZ 95+/-10TPM
Tenacity at breaking:≈21.8cN/dtex≈21.6cN/dtex
Broken strength:≈245N≈365N≈224N≈339N
Elongation at break:≈3.59%≈3.55%≈3.53%≈3.64%
Elastic Modulus:≈91Gpa≈91Gpa
Oil Pick-up:≈1.18%≈1.14%
Reference Picture:para-aramid-filament-yarntwisted aramid yarn
Packing Information:

Regular (Straight) Roll

Inner diameter 94mm, height 290mm

≈5Kg/roll, 6 rolls per carton

Pagoda style Roll

height ≈170mm, top inner diameter ≈18mm, bottom inner diameter ≈45mm

≈1.67Kg/roll, 12 rolls per carton

Application of 1414 Para Aramid Yarn

Aramid Helmet Woven Fabric

Ballistic Aramid Fabric

Woven fabric of bulletproof helmet

Aramid Glove

Cut-resistance glove

Aramid Ropes

Aramid Rope / Textile

Hihg-strenght ropes / Textile

Tire cord fabric

Tire cord fabric

For making tires

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